What does it mean when a girl gives you her number

What does it mean when a girl gives you her number

At present, dating became a common thing among people and in most of the cases men would get confused with certain things. Especially with girl’s activities that too end of the dating night, when people enjoy dating with a girl with more talks, laugh and at the end of day girl gave her number to men.

At that point most of the men would think why girl gave me her number, what would be the reason for it. All these thought arises in men mind mainly because girl’s activities and behaviour is complex sometimes. So it is necessary to make sure why a girl gave her number without you ask her, in order to avoid the misunderstanding, to avoid the awkward moments and clash between you and her.

On other hand people could not move forward without knowing he reason for giving her number so most of the cases people would be searching for reasons or in some cases they would do some guesses why she gave you her number without you asking for it? What would be her thought behind it?

girl gave me her number

Things girl mean it by giving their number:

People always struck in confusion state if a girl giver her number even when you have not asked for it. To make these confusions simple here are some common things listed below what a girl means

  • If a girl gives her number to you at the end of day, the first thing she try to mean is she likes you and interested to know you better, want to learn about you much this is a sign of interest that girl shows on you. If it does, then you can make a text or call to the girl few days later and fix dating.
  • On second case most of the girl would give their number to make private and confidential chat over the phone or they need some favour from you. In same way girls would try to get some long chat regarding a topic and ask for your opinion to know about you.
  • As common sign in most of the time girl would give her number in flattered state, she would provide you her number as she is interested on you. But after that girls would get struck in confusion and what to decide & how to handle the situation. This remains as main reason for not picking up your phone call and responding to your text message.
  • When a girl gives her number to you it is a positive sign that she wants to date with you and she is much familiar with you by searching you in social media. If it does you can be ready for a date with a girl.
  • Apart from self-decision most of the time girls would give their number to you due to over pressured it may be because the friends of other pressure. In this case girl could not take her own decision about you.

Apart all the above reason most of the time elder girl would give her number to make the young teens follies. Unfortunately, this is the case then it does not matter to be in confusion because they mainly do this to catch your attention towards them. Likewise, these are main reasons why girls give their number to you.